With its flexible tile sizes, the MySpace panel system allows you to manipulate and customize your office plan to suit every member's unique size, height and more importantly, taste.

The MySpace also utilizes a flexible panel system that lets your space grow or shrink, to suit the needs of the moment. Furthermore, the innovative wire management system allows for discrete yet easy access to wires as well as power point.
Flexible and reliable, Campus panel system maximises your office space with its 35mm thick panels, perfect for medium or large organisations to divide their departments and encourage open thinking amongst employees.
The Nexus Collection transcends beyoun the norm when it comes to exceptionally seating solutions.

It is conceived to exceed your expectations and more. Which is why you should not settle for anything less.
With the increasing need for more flexible working environments to suit a broader range of users, the X:TEN desking system is specifically designed to reconfigure your office space to meet the needs of your growing and changing business environment.

From two-occupant workstations for concentrated individual work to 6-man cluster desks with peninsulas for collaboration, onferencing and training purposes, this extendable desking system is extremely space efficient in that additional workstations can be added to the layout to create spacious solutions, thanks to an astute array of structural components.

Allowing for seamless plug-and- play connectivity, the X:TEN desking system features a flexible cable management solution, either in the form of a full-span trunking system or segmented tray.
Simple doesn’t have to be boring; in fact, when it comes to desking systems, the simpler the better. The C:MPLE desking system by Dellform, is a simple, practical design where extravagance is eschewed to make a statement. Clean lines, neutral colours and white space converge to achieve an understated effect whilst being elegant and timeless.

All of the C:MPLE applications feature an integrated cable management system, invisibly providing power and access to internal or external networks, audio, video or data. Even better, on-site assembly is simple and straightforward. A range of tabletop sizes offer variations to create spaces that allow for interacting or heads-down focus while different base options, tabletop shapes and finishes create surface appeal.

Focused on function and visual integrity, the Cimple desking system truly demonstrates an attention to detail that reflects today’s clean-lined design sensibilities.